Installing SketchUp 2015 64 Bit on Ubuntu 14.04 using Wine 1.7

So I have a project that requires building some things in SketchUp, currently the version is 2015. I was having some difficulty successfully installing the 64 bit version though. For some reason I was bent on getting it to work so this is how I did it.

Some prerequisites: Installing Wine 1.7

// Sets up wine repo
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update

// Install Wine 1.7
sudo apt-get install wine1.7

My Sager NP9370

It has been nearly 2 years since I purchased my Sager NP9370 Laptop from It was quite the investment; however, I have always preferred to grab fairly top end hardware. I had put some decent research into Laptop's before I made my decision to spend my hard earned money. I was originally going to go with one of the ASUS gaming laptops that were on the market at the time. So why did I choose the Sager?

Web Services XML2Array, SimpleXML, JSON FTW

Web Services are very useful when we need to send and receive information from third-party clients. These Web Services, generally, output or return the response in an XML format.

XML can be easily parsed in PHP using the simplexml_load_string or the SimpleXMLElement object. Now, manipulating this object use to be a pain in the you know where.

Using the power of PHP JSON(decode/encode) function we can do this easily and create a usable PHP array.

Savory Chef's Dinner

Savory Chefs Dinner

Last night my Wife and I attended Savory's "Chef's Dinner" event and had an amazing time. I want to start out by giving props to Chef Landon and Extreme Chef Winner Chef Amadeus for delivering a fine 5 course meal, Savory Restaurant & Lounge for being a great host, Northern Lights Brewing Co. for sponsoring the full "Spectrum" of beer that was paired with each course, Arbor Crest Wine Cellars for sponsoring the great Wine that was paired with each course, the Spokane Aerial Performance Arts and last but definitely not least the attendees. All contributed to a great cause, Spokane's Shriners Hospitals for Children will be receiving all the proceeds of the event.

Wastegates Causing 300zx Sluggishness

Recently my master brake cylinder went out (luckily I wasn't driving when it did). As I was driving my Nissan 300zx TT to the shop to replace the component an abnormal sound popped coming from the driver side turbo. The car immediately started running sluggish and a new not so desirable sound was projecting. Sounded kind of like ninja swordplay. Drove it to the shop and parked it for a while.

A Shade Darker Window Tinting

Window Tinting Las Vegas

Window tinting is a must have for any car, truck, van or other vehicle. Automotive window tint has many key benefits which makes it an irresistible addition to any car. Window tint can significantly reduce the amount of heat that the sun will produce in your vehicle. In addition window film will limit other harmful aspects of having sunlight penetrate into the interior or your vehicle including: Interior Fading, Harmful UV rays and Glare. While protecting your vehicle from the sun it also adds a valuable layer of protection against unwanted intruders.

E&E Pool Services

Pool Services Las Vegas

E&E is dedicated to providing its customers with highly dependable pool and spa cleaning services. E&E's team is ever ready to go out of its way to offer you the most satisfactory services possible. You can call E&E for regular weekly pool and spa cleaning services or signup for on going maintenance and cleaning services. You are absolutely free to choose the frequency of our visits depending on your specific needs and requirements. We will offer you highly customized swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services. E&E takes up work throughout Las Vegas.


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Setting Up LAMP Stack On CentOS and RackSpace Cloud Server

The following is a step-by-step guide for setting up and configuring a LAMP Stack on a 1GB or 2GB RackSpace Cloud Server with the CentOS 5.x distribution. You will need root access to complete the following steps.

Please note that in these instructions I make the specific effort of installing PHP 5.2, which is still the most compatible/safest PHP version for running Drupal.

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